Friday, December 16, 2005


Melt Fat Away Through Liposelection

From WBAL TV Ultrasound liquefies fat for removal

PROVIDENCE, R.I. -- A new medical procedure varies from traditional liposuction in that it liquefies fat, making it easier to remove.

According to a recent NBC report, the procedure, called LipoSelection, costs less than traditional liposuction.

Doctors give the patient a sedative before the procedure; however, the patient remains awake. The doctors numb the area to be treated so the patients are said to not feel any pain.

"It's selective ultrasound, the probes that we use are microcanules -- they're actually smaller, almost the size of a pencil, and at the end, it vibrates," physician's assistant Paul Mallari explained

We liquefy it, and basically, it's like taking lard -- you liquefy it like water and we take a little ... straw-like (instrument to) actually remove the fat," Mallari said

Monday, December 05, 2005


Lunchtime Lipo

Zap the fat with 'Lunchtime Lipo'

LipoSelection, a new plastic surgery procedure, has earned the nickname "lunchtime liposuction" because it takes less time and is less invasive than traditional liposuction.

The Video

Dr. F.S. Mahjouri is one of a few plastic surgeons in the Twin Cities area offering LipoSelection, which is all the rage on the coasts.

"This is a new procedure in which we can reduce the fat and improve the contour," Mahjouri said.

Mahjouri said the advance in technology allows him to use small rods that beam ultrasound energy into fat cells. That energy zaps fat cells into liquid.

"The results are superior, and the reason for that is because the energy which is generated by ultrasound is going to melt the fat cells down instead of damaging all the structures which are underneath the skin," Mahjouri said.

While the ultrasonic energy means fewer traumas to the patient, so does the trend toward smaller tools. The rods used to be twice the size of those used for the LipoSelection, meaning there's now less scarring, less bruising and a quicker recovery.

"I had the LipoSelection done on my flanks," said Melissa Edgemon, a mother of three.

Before-and-after photos show the difference the procedure made for Edgemon.

"I'm much smaller," Edgemon said. "I’m in jeans I wasn't fitting into two years ago."

Unlike conventional liposuction, LipoSelection also shrinks the skin.

"That ultrasonic energy is going to have some impact on the deeper structure of the skin," Mahjouri said. "That creates some type of controlled burn in the deeper structure of the skin, and the skin will shrink."

Depending on what you're getting done, the procedure can take anywhere from an hour to two hours.

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