Saturday, February 25, 2006


LipoSelection Removes Fat

From NBC 6 Liposelection uses ultrasound energy to remove fat
It's swimsuit season year-round in South Florida. Skimpy attire makes it harder to hide our bodies' imperfections.

Carlie Stene claims diet and exercise couldn't erase stubborn pockets of fat.

"There's the round thighs, touching of course. You've got the overhang there. You can't wear the low rise with that," Stene said.

So, she decided to melt them away.

"It's loosening up. It feels good. It comes out nicely," said Dr. Neil Zemmel.

Stene had liposuction with a new twist. It's called liposelection. In the procedure, a wand emits ultrasound energy that heats and liquefies the fat before it's removed.

"We actually apply the ultrasound energy internally and that ultrasound energy is extremely selective for the fatty tissue only," Zemmel said. "This allows the nerves, the blood vessels, the connective tissue to remain completely in tact while liquefying the fat only."

Some doctors claim liposelection contours the body better and it's a gentler procedure than standard liposuction, which means an easier recovery for patients like Maria Palacios

Tuesday, February 21, 2006


LipoSelection By Vaser Video

ABC News did a story that discusses LipoSelection and how it works.

A video that explains how much better it is than liposuction. Click on the image or link above.


Liposelection Gets Rid Of Flabby Arms

Liposelection targets flabby arms

Getting rid of underarm flab has been a challenge for plastic surgeons. Previous procedures could leave large scars or hanging skin, but a new technique effectively and quickly removes underarm flab.

The key to liposelection is ultrasonic sound waves. A doctor first makes two cuts less than half-an-inch wide at the patient's elbow and armpit, and then inserts an ultrasound probe through the incisions that melts the fat.

Liposuction removes the melted fat.

Saturday, February 18, 2006


LipoSelection : Easier Liposuction

From ABC News Research Summary: Easier Liposuction

BACKGROUND: With an alternative to traditional liposuction called liposelection, the area of the body that is having fat sucked out is first flooded with a solution that contains epinephrine to reduce bleeding. An ultrasound probe is then inserted, and the liquefied fat is suctioned out.

APPLICATION: Liposelection can be performed on the legs, arms, abdomen, and chin -- virtually anywhere.

BENEFITS: According to Edmond Zingaro, M.D., unlike traditional liposuction, liposelection does not cause any harm to the other body structures. The procedure directs its attention specifically to fat, leaving the blood vessels, nerves and attachments from the skin to the muscles intact

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