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How LipoSelection Works

How It Works

During the LipoSelection procedure, your physician identifies the target treatment areas.

The physician makes a tiny incision in the targeted area. A saline solution mixed with lidocaine and epinephrine is infused to help shrink blood vessels and numb the area to be treated.
The physician then inserts a thin probe that emits ultrasonic waves to emulsify fat on contact.
Once the fat is emulsified, it can be easily removed through the small incision with massage or suction.

1) Cross-section graphically represented on the left illustrates fatty tissue before the LipoSelection procedure.

2) Magnified representation on the right illustrates how - following LipoSelectionsm only by VASERĀ® - nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissue remain largely undisturbed.

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Get Rid Of Flabby Arms With Liposelection

From Liposelection targets flabby arms

Getting rid of underarm flab has been a challenge for plastic surgeons. Previous procedures could leave large scars or hanging skin, but a new technique effectively and quickly removes underarm flab.

The key to liposelection is ultrasonic sound waves. A doctor first makes two cuts less than half-an-inch wide at the patient's elbow and armpit, and then inserts an ultrasound probe through the incisions that melts the fat.

Liposuction removes the melted fat.

The procedure does not damage skin and leaves connective tissue intact, which allows healing after the liposuction procedure, said Dr. Kenneth Smart , a plastic surgeon at Centennial Medical Center.

The procedure takes about one hour per arm, and full results are seen in four to six weeks.

The cost for the procedure is about $3,000.

Smart said liposelection is not ideal for women who simply have have excess skin.

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