Friday, October 07, 2005


Liposelection-The Next Generation Of Liposuction

From Liposelection-The next generation of liposuction

For people who want to lose weight in a specific part of their body, like the thighs or stomach, liposuction can be the answer. But it often takes weeks of recovery. Now, a new procedure may change that

Plastic surgeon Edmond A. Zingaro, M.D., says: “There’s less bruising. There's less pain. There's less swelling.”

Traditional liposuction sucks out fat. But this procedure uses ultrasound energy to liquify the fat first. There’s less bruising because it targets only fat -- leaving other tissue unharmed. Then, the liquid fat is sucked out through a tube.

“It’s a lot kinder to the tissue, so the patients seem to recover a lot quicker,” says Dr. Zingaro, from Plastic Surgery Medical Group in San Francisco

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