Thursday, October 06, 2005


Surgery For The Busy Woman

From Female First Surgery for the busy woman

In a recent poll done at the Body beautiful show, almost half of women said they would consider plastic surgery.

But many people are put off by long recovery times and invasive procedures.

Now the cosmetic surgery industry hopes to woo those who think they don't have time for the knife, with a range of new procedures.
From Italy, there is "liposelection" Developed by Dr Roberto Viel. This technique means that individual fat cells are pinpointed and, melted using ultrasound waves. The fat is then removed, without damage to the surrounding tissue.

Dr Viel said:
"The result will be better aesthetically and there will also be a quicker recovery time for the patient. With traditional liposculpture you need five to six weeks before you are ready for the beach. With liposelection it can be only a couple of weeks."

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